Aluminium Windows

Strong, securable and durable windows from the aluminium range.

Providing high-grade aluminium windows that perform

Whatever type of property you own, your windows are an integral part of the building. The Haus Development Group can offer bespoke units that showcase individual sizes, styles and specifications, to suit you and your home or garden room. From start to finish, our Nottingham-based team will guide you in making the right choice, and even take care of the little details for a job well done!


By using premium aluminium, with its slim lines and inherent strength, the windows we provide showcase larger opening vents and bigger glass panels, giving you a better view of the outside and a more contemporary finish. This material also offers unmatched durability for added security and endurance. Having spent many years offering these products to our customers, we've witnessed the benefits they have working as replacements or new installations for extensions and new build homes. Now it's time to discover the advantages for yourself. 


Black - Standard Colour
White - Standard Colour
Grey - Standard Colour
Cranked Handle
Heritage Handle - Tear Drop
Heritage Handle - Monkey Tail
Inline Handle